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Do you know how to build the kind of relationships with your customers that will allow you to thrive in any economy?

Do you really know your customer?

A client of mine just sent me this great video. It’s a perfect illustration of the disconnect between business, advertisers and customers. Thanks to the internet the days of big flashy gimmicky marketing are forever gone. In today’s market and economy people have the option of looking and finding specifically what they want. On top of that, there are so may available options that are one Google search away.

What really matters today are the kinds of relationships that you build with your customers. Building these relationships will require you to know the pains, problems and urgency they are facing. To be able to not only speak to them, but to do something about them right away.

Trust is essential! Honesty and transparency are the most valued commodities in today’s economy. In order to create and sustain any kind of strong lasting relationship, you need to show value to your clients. You need to show it first, fast and repeatedly.  A model that has been proven to work is: give first and give a lot, before you expect to receive.  Once you built this kind of a relationship, you will have loyalty and referrals that will grow your business exponentially.

One of the things that I help my clients to do is: to figure out how to really know, understand and speak to their prospects and clients, as individual human beings. Then create a marketing plan that focuses on inexpensive and sometimes free ways of showing and giving value upfront. As a result my clients get better results while dramatically cutting down their marketing expenses.

Watch the video below and think about whether you are holding on to a marketing tools that are obsolete. Enjoy!

– Gene Plotkin

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