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Thinking that makes a difference – and where to find it

My clients as well as the people that interact with me are often surprised with the quality of thinking and ideas that I have. Given the fact that I look young makes them even more perplexed. This often leads to questions like “What school did you go to?”, “Where did you learn this all this?” and my favorite “How did you get so smart?”. The truth is that I don’t really consider myself to be naturally smarter then anyone else. I certainly don’t believe that I learned all that much in school. Mostly because the subjects were uninteresting and uninspiring to me. In fact it wasn’t until after I graduated from business school that I really started to learn how our brain works, what makes businesses successful, how to sell/market services and how to communicate in a way that gets results.

My answer to all these questions is: I really wanted to learn what creates success. Passion along with an open mind, led me to learn and most importantly try many things. Some turned out to be great, while others were a complete waist of time. With so many resources available, the difficult part was figuring out the good from the bad. What I decided to do here was to put together a top 10 list of books that really made a difference in the way I view the world. These are the books I recommend to anyone who owns, operates or wants to own a business. In fact, I highly encourage everyone to read them. When you do, come back here and share your thoughts.

You can find this list by clicking here: Top 10 book recommendations

Gene Plotkin

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