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Move On – 3 Lessons Learned from Missing My Train

Lesson 3 – Move on

Don’t mourn the loss of a deal. Let go and move on.

Then look to find a hidden opportunity. Here a scenario that may be unpleasantly familiar, a big deal slips away and the sales person goes into mourning the loss. It’s on their mind all the time. They think about what a great opportunity that could have been, and even how they would have spent that money. Meanwhile, they lose focus and operate with a clouded mind, as a result lose more deals. Then having lost all confidence, they go into a downward spiral and start to come off as pushy and desperate. We all know what that leads to. And it all goes back to a deal they lost a year ago. The best thing you can do is to clear your mind and focus on the opportunities in front of you. Some of my biggest deals came as a result of losing a smaller one. It can be a great motivator, and combined with the short deadlines it often creates, we are forced to grow. The results are frequently nothing short of amazing.

As I look back at this experience now, I realize that no matter how bad it seemed at the time it wasn’t the end of the world. I am very fortunate to be working with great people and the best thing I was able to do, was to move on and use it as a reminder to follow the lessons above. I hope you enjoyed reading this and can walk away with learning something at my expense.

Most obvious of which is, set 2 alarms when you have something important to wake up to!

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