From Corporate Clients

“All I can say is that Gene is a wiz! Whenever I come to him with a roadblock, whether it be business or relationship he seemingly breaks it out me so effortlessly unfolding the exact situation and extracting the problem; once I finish the session it seems as though the roadblock never existed. His methods are calming and produce results…almost immediately. It may be hard to believe, but once you experience it, it is truly amazing to see the personal progress you can go through in such a short period of time. If you are experiencing a road block, or struggling with something you are doing yourself an injustice if you don’t get a hold of Gene to move you forward.”

Much Thanks!

Demetrios Tzortzis

“Gene Plotkin articulates the elements of success in a simple, understandable format to use. He helped me to identify, develop and implement, in just one session, a letter that got me a telephone interview with a major Fortune 500 companies merger and acquisitions division head. Gene maps out the logic behind his process and it become clear to you what your goal and path to achieving your objectives are. You are re-invented in just one session. Imagine if I do 10 sessions with him. Gene’s program is the ultimate way to develop yourself quickly with no fancy time wasting exercises. Its right to the point. Straight between the eyes. So simple and yet so effective. Its scale able and that’s a key point. Thanks Gene.”

Allen Spindel
CTO of Serious Matchmaking Inc.

“Working with Gene Plotkin to help me build a better business ended up helping me build a better life. Gene’s methods are based around viewing the reality of the bigger picture and then focusing in on what actions will make that picture look closer to how I would like it. He helped me realize that largest obstacles between me and my goals was often my own fear of change. Gene was able to help me realize exactly what I had to do to get to where I wanted to go.”

Josh Griffiths
Owner of Clockwork Jiu Jitsu Inc.

“Gene is extremely adept at getting to the core of what’s blocking you in your business endeavors–beyond practical marketing techniques and right down to the personal issues that are holding you back. Through his work I’ve realized so much about how I was holding myself back without even realizing it–and was able to work through major blocks that had been in place for decades within the space of a half hour. This work takes a lot of guts–but it’s worth it.”

Jennifer Williamson
Owner of Catalyst Writing Services

“During my years as a college athlete I found that my most effective coaches addressed both athletic and mental conditioning to better achieve victories on the court and field. All these years later I still believe in the benefits of coaching, now to help me stay at the top of my business “game”.  Ironically, I think Gene Plotkin’s approach to business coaching and his ability to elicit better results for his clients are so effective because of his experience working with athletes. His blend of sound business practices, innovative thinking and the skills to help sharpen on’s vision for success and growth are a unique combination. I highly recommend Gene.”

Denise Graziano
Principal of Graziano Associates, LLC Marketing Specialists

Professional Endorsements

“Gene is a highly skilled and knowledgeable coach, who”s enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism really comes through in his work. A dedicated coach who is committed to expanding his own excellence, Gene brings out the best in all his clients. I highly recommend him.”

John Overdurf
Co-Developer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

“Gene has a powerful convergence of sophisticated human behavior technologies and practical applications which he uses to create rapid and sustainable change in the lives of those he touches. I have witnessed his work and all I can say he is amazing!!!”

Edward A. Rodriguez
Author, International Speaker, Transformational Trainer

“Gene is one of those young guys who knows everything about his subject, who reads everything written by the masters, who studies with the masters, and who gains mastery as a result. Whether he is teaching a roomful of students the subtleties of  “beyond words” or “attention shifting”, coaching a star athlete or business leader, or helping an individual make changes in their life, his caring nature and technical mastery shine through. If you want to climb to the stars Gene can show you the way.”

Shawn Carson
Director of the International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis, NLP Trainer

“Gene is an excellent communicator, personable, inquiring and someone really interested in learning. When he has attended my trainings he has really contributed to the dynamic of the group. He has the energy, skills and enthusiasm required to provide a real quality of training whether this is in a group or one on one basis.”

Nick Kemp
Founder of the Association for Provocative Therapy and Creator of Provocative Change Work™

“Gene is one of those rare coaches who’s skill and understanding go beyond his years. He brings out the best in everyone he works with.”

Melissa Tiers, DCH
Founder of the Center for Integrated Hypnosis

“Gene Plotkin completed both his Practitioner and Master Practitioner training at The NLP Center of New York. Gene has immediately applied NLP concepts to his performance in sports, music and his personal relations. In each of these areas, Gene demonstrated a genuine understanding and an ongoing commitment to be a model of excellence. Gene is a wonderful example of someone who sets his goals and makes them into realities.”

Rachel Hott, PhD and Steven Leeds, LMHC
Co-directors, The NLP Center of New York

From Private Clients

“As an investor in the stock market I can tell you that my psychology can often be the deciding factor between a good trade and a bad one. My emotions, doubts, fears, and expectations, all play a role in my success or failure as a trader. I can honestly say without a doubt that working with Gene Plotkin has been the best investment I have ever made. Improving my confidence and my self worth is a return on investment that will pay dividends for the rest of my life.”

David Gonyo

“This past week I had a session with Gene. He was wonderful to work with and he is a warm and generous spirit. He really works hard to help you achieve what you want to achieve, for yourself. I highly recommend that you schedule a session with him so he can help you sort out whatever issues are stopping you from being the best you that you can be. I laughed a lot during the session – really full on laughing…guess I needed to clear that energy from my system and it felt great! ”

Ilana Eberson
CEO, The NYC Business Networking Group

“Even though I had an extensive work experience, I was very insecure about looking for a new job and going through the interview process. Gene boosted my confidence and let me realize just how much potential I had, and how much more I could be. I went to a few job interviews and aced every one of them. I have received job offers from every company I was interviewed for, and accepted the offer that doubled my previous salary. I am extremely grateful to Gene Plotkin for his help and advice.”

Roman R.

“After working with Gene, I have achieved remarkable results in the direction that I desired. I would recommend Gene to anyone who seeks a serious and competent hypnotist.”


“When I started working with Gene, I was struggling with tremendous stress and anxiety, tumbling on a downward spiral. Gene has opened my eyes to the big picture, and I am no longer held back by the minutia of everyday life. I am now very happy, anxiety free, and forever grateful.”


“From the very first session with Gene Plotkin, I began to see results. His methods opened my eyes and mind, with his help I was able to overcome the many obstacles that stood before me. I have gotten rid of the problems that have plagued me through my life, and was able to transform myself into a better, more productive and successful person. I am able to move on with my life anew and fresh with the knowledge that he helped me work through my problems. After working with Gene I now feel that I can overcome anything that stands in my path whether it be in the past, the present or the future.”

Slava P.

“Gene Plotkin’s methods made it easier to focus and put my life in perspective. He helped give me better insight into my own thoughts and ideas allowing me to more clearly understand my own goals and how to reach them. He not only gave me better understanding of where I wanted to be, but taught me the tools to achieve it.”

Michael T.