Sales Psychology for Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, July 6th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Register Here

Whether you’re selling ideas to potential investors or products and services to customers, you’ve faced the challenge of getting someone to say “yes.” This course will examine the psychology behind the sales process, examining why people buy, how they make those decisions, and what you can do to facilitate the process.

The combination of presentation and interactive exercises will allow students to experience firsthand the powerful techniques behind the psychology of sales.

Topics include:

  • Why people buy with their gut and justify with their head
  • How to use body language and voice cues to build rapport
  • How to quickly discover someone’s buying style so you know how to customize your pitch

Sales and Professional Relationship Building Training

With so much competition and alternatives available on today’s market, the key to generating and growing your sales comes down to your ability to build solid genuine relationships with your clients and customers. This training is designed to help sales professionals develop powerful sales skills and techniques, as well as the confidence and motivation necessary for success.

This Training Will Cover:

  • Rapport, Persuasion and Influence
  • Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • How to Uncover and Meet the Customer’s Real Needs
  • Creating Recurring Revenue & Establish Yourself as the Preferred Supplier
  • How to Set Up a “Close” That Feels Natural and Logical
  • How to Stay Focused and Stay Motivated – and Keep on Selling!

NLP for Corporate Culture
Advanced Training*

This unique workshop is designed specially for taking the powerful tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and presenting them in new completely conversational ways. You are going to be introduced to coaching and language models/patterns that will allow you to make dramatic shifts in your clients, in a manner that is flowing, conversational and appropriate in the corporate setting. The workshop will also cover how to use conversational NLP for telephone coaching, stringing together sessions and much more. As an added bonus, you will learn how to generalize change in ways that create truly remarkable results for you and your clients.

The Workshop Will Cover:

  • Basic Conversational Change Model
  • End State Energy in Coaching
  • Linguistic Attention Shifting Coaching Model
  • Temporal and Spatial Shifts in Consciousness for Tele-Coaching
  • Cartesian Coordinates
  • Inductive Patterns of Integration and more

*NLP Practitioner Certification is a Prerequisite